The Exorcist (Full name The Exorcist Louise Anne) is an 11 year old girl named after the movie The Exorcist, because her mother was obsessed with it to the point she used a Ouija board to summon a demon to try and


get her daughter possessed, however it didn't work.

Appearance Edit

The Exorcist has strawberry blonde hair that reaches to her middle back, and wears a long pink t-shirt with blue hair underneath. She has a pink bow on the right of her hair and wears matching pink shoes with light blue socks.

She also has a teardrop tattoed under her right eye, and also has "666" tattoed on her upper left thigh.

She has dark grey eyes.

Trivia Edit

  • She REALLY hates paying taxes
  • She might be the illegitimate daughter of Donald Trump
  • Her favorite movie is Ted.